Tripura Tourism

Tripura is the kingly sate of India situated in the north eastern part of the county. The state of Tripura is located to the south of Assam, to the east of Meghalaya, to the west of Arunachal Pradesh and to the north of Bangladesh. The state of Tripura is one of the very few states in the Indian Constituency that was at first a Kingly Province after Independence but then with the flow of time transformed into a normal state. This is the reason why there is still existence of local royalty in the state of Tripura. The typically tourism flavour of the state of Tripura is a bit off from that of other because of the presence of an independent tribal mixed culture.

The tourism of the state of Tripura is very different from that of other states and people come here to feel that difference. In case of temples the state of Tripura stands out with the Tripura Sundari Temple and the Unakoti ruins. The palaces and the forts of the Tripura Royalty is something to look forward to. The Jal Mahal and the city of Agartala are the tourist magnets of Tripura. The state of Tripura is very well connected by all forms of transportation.

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Neermahal Palace in Sipahijala district, Tripura
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Agartala District in Tripura State, India
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Wild Goat in South Tripura
South Tripura
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Dumboor Lake in Dhalai District
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Gomati District in Tripura
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Unakoti district in Tripura
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