Cansaulim Beach, Goa

Cansaulim Beach is located between Arossim beach and Velso Beach in Goa, a state in India. This beach is known for being far away from the city noises and the overcrowded places as it provides a peaceful and relaxing environment to the tourists and travellers. Along with Arossim Beach, Cansaulim Beach is known for providing the best water sports activities to the adventure enthusiasts.

From windsurfing to catamarans, fishing, scuba diving, jet skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing and other water sports activities are conducted. There are a total of 30 types of water sports which are conducted in Cansaulim Beach and the Arossim beach. There are trainers and guides who will help you understand how to ride the water sports and including other instructions. Classes or training programs are also conducted for learning a single type of water sport for a week. While travelling you also have a chance to gain a certificate in one of the water sports activity in Goa.

'The Three King's Fest' is a festival which is celebrated grandly at the Cansaulim Beach in the month of January every year; therefore you will be able to enjoy the slow waves with great food during this celebration time. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is also located near the Cansaulim Beach where you will find endless types of spices, flora and fauna along with Elephants. Since there is a small lake located within the Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, you can have a chance to take a bath with the elephants and feed the elephants with variety of food.

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