Chabimura, Tripura

Chabimura is a set of rock cut murals depicting the gods & goddesses from the Hindu mythology on the scape of Tripura’s Devtamura Hills. The artwork and the verdant landscape shimmering in Gomati waters is very mesmerizing. The Chabimura rock cut mural also known as Chobimura.

The history behind the construction of such an architectural marvel is quite blurred and mysterious but it is a given fact that it was built somewhere around late 1400s and the early 1500s into the Common Era. It was most certainly during the reign of Manikya Dynasty but the mentions of the makers of Chabimura are still a matter of research. However, Chabimura is definitely an exciting archeological site in India that upholds the civilization’s religious beliefs on high pedestal, in reality is a group of stone carving of Hindu gods and goddess sculpted on the vertical parapets of the Devtamura highland & hill situated on the bank of the famous Gomati River. The rock mural consists of mainly four large rock panels idolizing Goddess Mahisashura Mardini Durga, Lord Shiva, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Vishnu.

Visiting Chabimura will give you an introspective glance at the level of skill and devotion our people had back in the day to have conceived and realized such genuine artwork. It is an easy reach from Udaipur & Agartala by roadways.

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Shovan Roy
28 July 2019

Actual history, not fabricated ?