Chandipur Beach, Odisha

Chandipur is one beach that has enticed millions of tourists towards itself and is located in Balasore district of Odisha. For one, it has become truly wondrous owing to the Vanishing Sea phenomenon. This magical experience occurs during the ebb time. As the waters of the sea recede, they reach back up to distances of 5 km. When the water returns with the high-tide, the sea proceeds back towards the beach with all its might and magnificence and fills up the emptiness of the beach.

Taking a walk along the Chandipur beach is as serene as it gets to be. Due to the Vanishing Sea phenomenon, the Chandipur beach gets vastly extended providing opportunities for a walk along the sea. The level of extension is such that one can even ride a bike or drive a road along with the receded waters. Such prospects of venturing fearlessly near the seabed and ecosystem attract a lot of curious visitors to the beach. However, the Vanishing Sea feature isn't the only feature that makes the Chandipur beach different than all other beaches. It is just one of the many features.

The two other elements that attract people to the beach are its mouthwatering cuisine and the scenic beauty around the beach. The Chandipur beach is massively famous for its seafood that includes mouthwatering dishes consisting of prawns and pomfrets. These dishes will make it hard for you to resist eating the dishes. Moreover, the scenic beauty of the dunes, rocky coasts, and the tree cover around the Chandipur beach will surround you with an air of romance and relaxation.

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