Balasore Tourism

Balasore, also commonly known as by the name of Baleshwar district is a hidden treasure-house of beautiful destinations that are a must-visit for all adventure enthusiasts. The place boasts of clean beaches, rich water resources and architecturally versatile temples devoted to Shiva and Shakti.

For travel lovers, the long stretch of sandy ‘Talasari Udaypuri beach' is a wonderful sight to witness. With red crabs and whistling casuarinas, the beach also offers a marine ride of 3 km from Talasari to Udaypur. One can also visit the ‘Chandipur beach' with its rhythmic recession of water off-shore twice a day. The sunrise and sunset here is a pleasant sight to witness.

The ‘Immami Jagannath Temple' is an example of an exceptional architectural model. One can also visit the famous Vaishnav shrine 'Khirachora Temple' and the 'Panchlingeshwar Mahadev Temple', a shrine where perennial streams flowing on five lingas attracts visitors from all over Odisha and Bengal. Moreover, the month of April is evident to the surge in the number of visitors from West Bengal, Odisha and Bihar to pay obeisance at the ‘Chandaneswar temple'. So, the next time you are in Odisha, do not forget to visit the above places for an ever-lasting travel experience.

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Travel Guide Chandipur Beach
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Chandipur Beach

Chandipur is a beach in Baleshwar District of Odisha. Located 16 kilometers away from the Baleswar Railway Station, the shore opens up towards the Bay of Bengal. The Chandipur beach is surrounded by the unique Vanishing Sea circumstance that differentiates it from all other beach....

Travel Guide Panchalingeshwar Temple
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Panchalingeshwar Temple, Balasore

The divine temple of Panchalingeshwar is located in the Indian state of Odisha in the district of Balasore. The amazing fact about the temple is that it is believed to have been established by Goddess Sita.

Travel Guide Talasari Beach Balasore
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Talasari Beach

Talasari Beach is one of the most magnificent beaches in the coastal state of Odisha, a state in India. This calm and peaceful beach is recently blooming as a tourist destination in Odisha with its wide stretched beach and other scenic beauties.

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