Talasari Beach, Odisha

Talasari Beach is located on the north–eastern coast of India in the Balasore district of Odisha. The name Talsari is derived from the local language. ‘Tala’ means palm tree and ‘Sari’ means series, thus signifying the array of palm trees surrounding the place. The place also has wide availability of coconut and casuarina trees. The shore water is not turbulent and is ideal for swimming or taking bath. The backwater forms the major attraction of this beach. Travellers have to cross the stream to reach the beach. The stream becomes dry twice a day and is only filled with the arrival of high tides. During this time visitor has to get a boat to reach the sparkling golden stretch of sand of the Talasari Beach. The riverbed can be easily walked across when it is dry.

The serene Talasari Beach can be a perfect getaway from the hassle of the city life and enjoy the time amidst the beauty of nature. Travellers can visit the site for some time in solitude. It is preferable to visit the place during winter as the summer can be really hot. The swaying of palm trees in the light breeze and the never ending sand dunes welcomes its visitors with all its beauty. The sight of the red crabs covering the whole beach early in the morning can be a memorable experience. The view of sunrise or sunset at this beautiful beach can be soul stirring. One can visit Digha or Chandipur from Talasari beach which lies in close proximity.

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