Panchalingeshwar Temple, Balasore, Odisha

The Panchalingeshwar Temple is located in Balasore, Odisha. The temple glorifies with the panch (five) Shivalingas that were placed in the interior of the temple. There is a belief that the Shivalingas were enshrined by Goddess Sita during the 14 years of exile that she spent with her husband, Lord Rama. There are 263 stairs that has to be climbed to reach the temple.

The temple area includes a stream that comes under the main attraction of this area for visitors. The stream cleans and washes the five Shivlingas as it flows upon them. People need to bend and lie down flat on their stomach on top of the rock to reach the temple and worship the Shivalingas which are inside the water stream. But during the rains, the water of the stream flows unusually making it difficult for the worshippers to touch the Shivalingas with their hands. The Panchalingeshwar Temple is at a distance of 27.7 km southwest from the district of Balasore.

The Panchalingeshwar temple has been maintained properly and consists of open space to sit back and relax. The management of the temple is very polite and takes care of the basic needs of the visitors. The temple has got the name because of five shrines that are enshrined inside.

Panchalingeshwar temple has opened various transportation facilities for people to visit the temple. The transportation facilities are regular and safe to be used. Balasore and Nilagiri are the nearest places to the temple. Buses run regularly from Bhubaneshwar district to Nilagiri and Balasore. Tourists and visitors can also come to the location of Balasore by using Bhubaneshwar Airport and also Kolkata Airport.


Panchalingeshwar Temple open at 06:00 AM to 08:00 PM - Everyday

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