Chennakesava Temple, Somnathpura, Karnataka

The Chennakesava Temple, also known as simply Keshava temple and the Somnathpur Temple is a Hindu temple at Somnathpura in the Indian state of Karnataka. Constructed by Somanatha Dandanayaka in the year 1258 CE who was a general of the Hoysala king Narasimha III, the temple is situated around about 38 kilometres to the east of Mysore city (present day Mysuru). This beautiful temple reflects the glory of the great Hoysala architecture. The temple has been nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Both miniature and elaborate sculpture and carvings depicting the trademark Hoysala architecture have been the hallmark feature of this temple. At the very entrance of the temple, the history of the same has been inscribed on a stone slab in full detail.

Like numerous other Hoysala temple, this temple too is built on a raised platform. It is a temple with three shrines (Trikuta), Lord Janardhana, Lord Keshava and Lord Venugopala. However, the one shrine of Lord Keshava is missing at present. From Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), the distance of this wonderful temple is about 137 KM.

October-March is the most favourable and conducive time span in a year for visiting the temple. Shivanasamudra falls, which is a great tourist magnet, is located only 50 km away from the Somnathpur Temple. The central wall space is indeed the highlighting element or factor of the Somnathpur Temple. The temple is undoubtedly a must visit one for anyone having a good taste in historical and archaeological structures.


Chennakesava Temple in Somnathpura open at 06:00 AM to 05:30 PM - All Days

Entry Fees

20 INR (digital payment) or 25 INR (cash) per Indian tourists and 250 INR (digital payment) or 300 INR (cash) per foreign tourists. (Childs upto 15 years of age allow free)

Guide Fees

300-500 for guide charge

Parking Fees

30 INR for car parking charge


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