Chitradhara Waterfalls, Chhattisgarh

The Chitradhara Waterfall is an outstanding multi-tier waterfall located at Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh, India. The village of Potanar, which falls at the backdrop of the waterfalls is a remote one, making the hitting of water on the rocks and slopes form a contrasting sound to the silence of the village. This creates a wonderful ambience. Being a multi-tier fall, the bubbling white water, falling in interrupted gushes against the rocky slopes creates an amazing sight. The water flows does forming rivulets on the red Chattisgarh soil.

For people looking for picnic spots, a few areas near the Chitradhara waterfall are the ideal destinations. The calm water ensures safety of people near it. One can also follow the waterway surrounded by the rocky walls of the slopes. For people who want more adventure, the surrounding rocky mountains provide excellent places for a climb.

The constant splashing sound of water, the silence other than that, the surrounding thick forest and the general serenity makes the environment quite intriguing to those who want to spend some peaceful time. Locals have constructed a temple of Lord Shiva at the top of the Chitradhara waterfall which is indeed worth a visit.

Falling from a height of around 50ft, the Chitradhara falls is much more exquisite during the monsoons and winters, while it is not as splendid during the summers. The perfect time to visit the waterfalls, thus, would definitely be the monsoons.

The waterfall attracts a large number of tourists, throughout the year. Serenity and splendour collide making this waterfall a beauty to the eye and the experience of watching it becomes quite unforgettable. When visiting Jagdalpur, one must definitely have a look at the Chitradhara waterfall.


Chitradhara Waterfall can be visit during the day from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Free | No Tickets

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During the month of September to December

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30 April 2022

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