Chitrakoot Waterfall

Chitrakoot Waterfalls is a widest fall in India and about 40 kms from Jagdalpur town in Bastar District in southern part of Chhattisgarh State of India. The horse shoe shap falls, they live up to their expectations as Niagra of India, but then every natural wonder has its own charm. River Indravati flows in full swing during monsoon season and falls about 100 feet in horse shoe shaped mouth of the falls.

The Chitrakoot falls are in a forest area a mostly visited during rainy and winter seasons for picnics by number of tourists and locals. There are very few lodges near the Chitrakoot falls. Best way is to make stay in Jagdalpur town where many budget hotels are available, and visit the falls by private vehicle during the day. Visitors can stay in Jagdalpur and do a visit in famous nearby Kotumsar and Kailash caves.

Must plan a holidays in this area and you will not regret. Jagdalpur Town can be reached by car/cab/taxi from Raipur which is well connected from Delhi and Mumbai by air and rail networks.

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