Dhak Bahiri Cave Fort, Maharashtra

Have you ever heard of Dhak Bahiri Cave Fort? If not, then indulge and if yes, then also do so. In the Raigad district of Maharashtra, the Western Ghats is especially very beautiful because of the Sahyadri Hills. The Dhak Fort and the Bahiri Caves are on these hills near the picturesque Wadhap parish. But what make this Dhak-Bahiri famous? Most of the forts in India tell the story of a regal existence but very few actually give you the adrenaline rush to scale them. This is because the fortresses are generally an elaborate history museum tour with you hovering over the luxurious palaces & gardens or brainstorming with the historical & archeological importance of the place and seldom need you work some sweat to fully cover it. But the Dhak Bahiri Cave Fort is an experience all too new and exhilarating for everyone who either have or do not have the adventurous trek in them. This is actually a trekking trail with no walkable route. You have to scale the mountain wall with trekking & rock climbing equipment to reach the Bahiri rock caves high in the hills.

Dhak Bahiri caves are dedicated to Lord Bhairava. Afterwards, when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj visited these caves for pilgrimage purposes, the Dhak fort was constructed. Centuries later, the fort is in ruin and a few water cistern inside the caves, are its only remnants. The Kalakrai pinnacle midway on the trek route is a great rock precipice that offers the best vista of everything below. However, without advanced mountaineering gears this particular trek is not recommended, even for the pros. This spot is located near Pune, so no problem whatsoever reaching it. Let’s enjoy the adventure.


Dhak Bahiri Cave Fort can be trek during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Yogendra Patil
11 July 2019
It is very dangerous trek. Can we stay in that Dhak bahiri Caves for a night?

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