Dhank Caves, Rajkot, Gujarat

The Dhank Caves is located in Dhank village of the Rajkot district in Gujarat, a state in India. These caves were created in the 7th century AD according to the Jain and Buddhist culture present in India and various sculptures were carved into the stone made of pure sandstone. Several of idols and sculptures of the both religions are present in this cave.

The figures of Bodhisattva (Buddhist religion idol) and the idols of Jain religion such as Adinath, Shanthinath, and Parsva are present in the Dhank Caves. The carving structure represents the first or the earliest Jain sculptures present in India. Since the caves are located in an isolated area and provide a calm environment for the monks. The caves were used as a place for meditation by the Buddhist and Jain monks. Sitting in a tranquil state surrounded by caves and forest, the monks used to meditate for years in these caves.

The wall carvings represent the story of the Jina and Buddhist culture. The carvings of Jina and the god of the lion are also present in this cave. Jina refers to a person who teaches Buddhism, and the wall carvings showcase how number of Jina increased over the years and how they used to teach Buddhism to the devotees and people across the village and state. The story of Adinath and the Jain culture and the transformation is also present in the cave. Since the origins of both cultures are mentioned in the cave, many tourists who are interested in learning culture visit the caves during the winter season (the best season to visit the caves).


Rajkot Dhank Caves can be visit during the day time from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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Jain Sunil
25 June 2022

This cave are jaina , jain tirthankar and and jain ambica Devi are seen in this picture I am visited this cave ?

Mital L
21 August 2021

Jina is one who teaches Jainism not Buddhism. And so far no Buddhist idols are found, if there are, pls share photo?