Gagron Fort, Rajasthan

Among all the forts in Rajasthan, six of them are quite famous. The Gagron Fort is one of these six hill fortresses in the state and is mentionable even amidst the likes of the Amer Fort and the Chittorgarh Fort. These six are collectively coined as “The Hill Forts of Rajasthan” and are inducted into the UNESCO chart of world heritage sites. The history, the heritage and the magnanimity of the Gagron fort makes it a tall order among the many. Most of the forts built by the Rajput kings were either on elevated highlands or on a table top land by the arid plain or even by the desert. But Gagron fort is different and has a much more glorious topography. This is the only water & forest fortress in Rajasthan.

The Gagron Fort is surrounded by water on three sides and a dense forest on the fourth side. The fort is built at the confluence of the two small rivers of the Jhalawar region namely the Ahu River and the Kali Sindh River on the Mukundarrah Hill range. The natural protection of this land prompted the kings of Jhalawar, the Khinchis to construct the fort. The building started in the 7th century AD and was completed in the 14th century CE. The fort faced various invasions from the sultans before the dominant acquisition of the Jaitsi Rajput. However the first leader renounced the regality to attain nirvana. The fortress is the home temple of Saint Pipa. The magnificent Gagron fort is also a symbol of bravery and sacrifice as the Johar ritual was quite recurrent inside this fort. This symbolic Jhalawar fort is visited by every travel enthusiasts on their arrival in Rajasthan.


Gagron Fort open at 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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25 INR per Indians and 300 INR per Foreigners. (Child below 15 years free)

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