Ghodbunder Fort, Maharashtra

Ghodbunder Fort is a fort built in the year 1550; this fort is located in Thane, an area in Mumbai, Maharashtra (a state in India). This fort was constructed by the Portuguese after they came to Mumbai, then known as Bombay, in the year 1530. The Portuguese built the Ghodbunder Fort and the village as they wanted to trade horses with the Arabs. The name 'Ghode' refers to Horses and 'Bunder' refers to Port; therefore both the area and the fort were known as Ghodbunder. When the Portuguese built the fort, it was known as Cacabe de Tanna where the Portuguese built their church within the vicinity of the fort. The Church still exists till date and part of it is being used as a hotel. The carvings wall sculptures can still be seen within the church.

The Ghodbunder fort was under the ruling of the Portuguese till 1737. But when the East India Company invaded the country and the city, the Britishers took over the fort and made it the headquarters for the East India Company. They completely occupied the fort in the year 1818 and continued to trade in Thane.

After all these years (post-independence), only the ruins of the fort remain now. Many tourists visit this place to see how various rulings and dynasties affected the structure of the Ghodbunder fort and how it is being preserved now by the government of India and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). However, if you are a history buff its definitely more than worth to visit the fort.


Thane Ghodbunder Fort can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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