Hanuman Vatika, Odisha

Hanuman Vatika was built around the year 1994 and is located in Rourkela, in a state in India called Odisha. Vatika is a Sanskrit word which refers to garden in English. This garden was built for the 75 feet tall Lord Hanuman idol situated within the premises, hence the name Hanuman Vatika. It is the tallest Lord Hanuman idol ever built in the world; the Lord Hanuman Statue was designed and built by Sri Lakshman Swami who was from Hyderabad.

There are other idols and temples built within the premises of the Hanuman Vatika, like the Sarala Devi Temple, Batta Mangala Devi, Lakshmi, Jagannath Temple, Santoshi Mata Temple and other temples along with the Lord Hanuman Statue. More temples and idols are also being added in the garden, the most recent one being the idol of Sai Baba.

Since various idols and end numbers of temples are present within the premises of the Hanuman Vatika and to see the 75 feet tall Lord Hanuman Idol, people from various states and across the country are visiting the park ever since it was built. As the park is being maintained properly by the state government, more idols are being added and this site has become one of the most visited tourist attraction sites in Odisha. A community hall or a Kalyan Mandap was also built within the premises for people who wanted to rent the hall for Puja, rituals, marriages and for other functions. Visiting the Hanuman Vatika is truly one of a kind experience.

Many people who visit the Vatika also visit Indira Gandhi Park, Harishankar Falls and Temple, Khandadhar Fall, Pita Mahal Dam and Ispat Nehru Park which are also located a few kilometres away from the Hanuman Vatika Temple.


Hanuman Vatika Temple open at 06:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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