Harishankar Falls, Odisha

Harishankar Falls is located in Rourkela, in a state called Odisha. This waterfall is famous for being located in the middle of the Gandhamardan hills and is surrounded by nature. The name Harishankar Falls was derived from the Harishankar temple located within the vicinity of the falls. It is one of the most famous tourist attraction sites and one of the most visited pilgrimage site in the state of Odisha. The Harishankar Falls also known as the natural gem in Rourkela of Sundargarh district.

The idols of two deities are present in the Harishankar temple, Hari referring to the Lord Vishnu idol and Shankar referring to the Lord Shiva idol present in the temple. Many devotees from across the country visit the temple every now and then and offer their prayers to the gods.

Since Harishankar Falls and the Harishankar temple are located next to each other, the devotees bathe in the waterfall and it is said that the waterfall is holy water which helps in washing away their sins. Therefore many devotees bath under the Harishankar Falls and later visit the Harishankar temple. Devotees can hear the chants and the rituals being conducted in the temple from the Harishankar Falls, the chants itself provides relaxing sensation to many people who are dipping themselves under the waterfalls. Apart from the religious reason for visiting the Harishankar Falls, the waterfall is also famous for being located in the middle of nature.


Harishankar Falls can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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