Hinglaj Mata Mandir, Rajkot, Gujarat

The Hinglaj Mata Mandir is located in the frontier state of Gujarat in India and is a place of pilgrimage and worship for the followers of Hindu religion and a place of reverence for all the people visiting the humble abode of solace. The Hinglaj Mata Temple is known by many different names by the people like Bhavani, Hingraj Mata and Hingdaj.

The another story behind the establishment of the Hinglaj Mata Temple is quite interesting. The legend behind the Hinglaj Mata Temple being one of the 51 Shakti Peethas is very intriguing. It is said that after the untimely death of Lady Sati, Lord Shiva danced with destroying fury that cause cataclysm. It is due to that the head of Lady Sati fell in the place currently in Balochistan of Pakistan. The place is called Hinglaj but the idol of the Hinglaj Mata Temple was brought to the Kalasar Village of the Rajkot region in the state of Gujarat by certain influential & pious person. It was after this transition the Hinglaj Mata Temple became famous among the people of India. According the relics this is the Brahmadreya aspect of vitality essence that fulfils every wish. The Hinglaj Mata Temple is believed to be a seat of great power and is the abode where all wishes of the devotees are believed to come true. Traveling to Hinglaj Mata Temple is not very difficult at all and very easy to reach from Rajkot. The buses and cabs ply at regular interval.


Hinglaj Shakti Peeth Temple open at 06:00 to 08:00 - All Days

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Parmeshwar Naik
02 December 2021

Please send me postal address want to send money order?

Arvind Behl
08 October 2019

Is there an ardhnarishwar temple in the vicinity ?
Is this temple located near the panchagni akhada in junagadh?