Janjira Fort, Maharashtra

One of the most impressive structures one can find in the Indian state of Maharashtra is the Janjira Fort. Also called as Murud Janjira or JanjiraJal-durg, this gorgeous island fortress is one of a kind in the entire country. This fort is located close to Murud in Maharashtra’s Raigad district. It is one of the best places to visit in Alibaug and furthermore one of the mainstream heritage spots to visit close to Mumbai and Pune. Encompassed by the Arabian Sea on all its sides Janjira fort is considered to be one of the most grounded marine forts of the country. The term Janjira is adopted from the Arabic term “Jazeera” which implies island.

The first structure was constructed by a Koli chieftain as a guard against thieves in the fifteenth century. Janjira Fort was initially a little wooden structure, but in 17th century it was constructed by Siddi Sirul Khan who was an Abyssinian Siddi of Ahmednagar rulers. Amid its construction, the structure of the fort crumbled thrice. Siddi understood that a sacrifice is required, so he made the offering of his son to God. He was 22 years of age.

The Portuguese, British and the Marathas attacked the fort a number of times; however, their endeavours to capture the fort went unsuccessful. This was due to the firm resilience shown and put up by Shivaji and Sambhaji. The Janjira fort covers about 22 acres and has 19 rounded bastions that are still flawless. Among them are the three noteworthy cannons. These are Landa Kasam, Chavi and Kalal Bangadi which are constructed from five metals. The principle door of the fortress is a mammoth structure. There is a little door towards the untamed ocean for escaping from the adversaries. There are numerous concealed paths for critical situations. The towers and turrets of the fortress were utilized for keeping ammo. Surely a must visit tourist spot and a not to be missing one for anyone going to the state of Maharashtra.


Murud Janjira Fort open at 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

25 INR (Cash) or 20 INR (Online) per Indian/BIMSTEC/SAARC national and 300 INR (Cash) or 250 INR (Online) per Foreign national. (Children up to 15 years of age allow free entry)

Boating Fees

60-80 INR per person

Guide Fees

100-200 Guide Charges (Optional)

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