Khandadhar Falls, Rourkela, Odisha

The Khandadhar Falls is located in the Rourkela town of Sundargarh district, Odisha. The Khandadhar Falls is created by a perennial rivulet called the Korapani Nala. It is the highest of all the falls of the Indian state of Odisha. The height of the Khandadhar Falls is almost two hundred and forty-four meters and is approximately 20 km away from Bonaigarh. From the town of Bonaigarh, the distance between Khandadhar Falls could easily be covered by well-constructed motorable roads that are very convenient to commute through for the good part of the year whereas the distance between Rourkela and the Khandadhar Falls is 104 kilometers via Bonaigarh.

The sight of the Khandadhar waterfall is amazingly mesmerizing. To be more appropriate it is located in the western part of Odisha near Barkote, Deogarh. In order to reach the exact spot, it is expected to one to trek. Not much trekking is required but undertaking the preparations for that on a serious note is very necessary. With the advancement in technology, it has become pretty easy and convenient for international tourists to enjoy their journey all the way to the Khandadhar Falls without any sort of hassles.

The various facilities available in the hotels of Deogarh are remarkable enough to gather a good deal of tourists across the globe. Years back, the commuting facilities were not well enough to flock more visitors but with a fine polishing in that also, the major hindrances have been overcome. For nature lovers, Khandadhar Falls is definitely a must-visit one. No doubt you need to have it in your tourist bucket list for sure.


Rourkela Khandadhar Falls can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

20 INR per person

Best Time to Visit

During the Months of October to March

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Sibasankar Rout
28 July 2023

This waterfall is open August month??

Rashmi Rekha Acharya
06 August 2022

Is khandadhar open on Sundays??

Prãmød Rãy
25 December 2021

Is khandadhar waterfall will open tomorrow for picnic?