Kolvi Caves, Rajasthan

Kolvi Caves otherwise Kholve caves are situated at Kolvi village, Jhalawar region in the state of Rajasthan, India. They are engraved out in laterite astound hill. Over all these years, the place has undergone damage plus the interiors have perished resulting in stained statues. The complex have got 50 caves in addition to some of these have open pillared porches. These antique caves consisting of stupas are having got rare figures of Buddha and at the same time are the premium instances of Indian art. The place provides hints of Buddhist monks who used to meditate in the caves.

The architectural elegance shows dominance of Hinayana group in this area. The Kolvi caves have sculptures of Buddha in the meditation in addition to standing position. The stupas plus colossal statues of Buddha are archaeologically noteworthy. Around Kolvi village alike caves have been revealed which proves presence of wealthy Buddhist evolution in the region.

It’s assumed that long ago prior to evolving as a traveler destination of Jhalawar, the caves were a house to the Buddhist monks who came here looking for peace. Though the historians are distributed on the view as to wherever the monks came from, maximum of the historians trust the Buddhists derived to this place while they were looking for shelter in their effort to flee the assaults of the Hunas.

Kolvi caves are a portion of three sets of memorials of cave in the complex as well as it’s the only one that still houses leftovers of statues plus figures. Each of the three sets varies in terms of the historic remains plus the number of caves. The additional two sets in the complex comprise of Hathya Gaud site as well as Binnayaga hill.


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