Kulang Fort, Maharashtra

Kulang Fort in Maharashtra is located in Nasik city which is also home to many Forts, it is situated at the height of 1471 meters and was built to protect an ancient commercial road called Nasik-Kalyan road. The Kulang Fort has been constructed during the reign of Mughals, Marathas and under the British. The Kulang Fort today is one of the favorite weekend destinations for trekkers and campers. Though the trek is not so difficult you can boast of conquering a Fort as you have to pass through thrilling routes with dense forests and rugged terrain. Once you reach the top you will come across lush green grassy lawns where you can relax for a moment before exploring further. From the top, you can also enjoy the breath-taking view of nearby Forts.

The Kulang Fort has a second entrance also when you enter from the second entrance you will come across some caves in which the middle cave is the biggest with two large rooms. There are some water tanks near the caves behind which you can see the remains of two big palaces, from where you can see a beautiful hill called ‘Chota-Kulang’ and the reservoir of Wilson Dam. This place is full of scenic beauty which will remain in your memories for a lifetime. The Kulang Fort is well connected by all means of transports which is why traveling from any major city isn’t a problem for almost every tourist. It is indeed a wonderful fort to say the least.


Kulang Fort can be visit during during the day from 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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