Laling Fort, Maharashtra

Laling Fort or Laling Kila as it is popularly referred to in the regional dialect, Marathi, is a fortified military outpost alternating as a watchpost that was constructed in the early 12th century by Faruqi dynasty. The fortification takes its name from the summit of the hill on which it stands erected, Laling Hill. The Laling Fort has found mention many times in many travelogues and documented information with regards to the whereabouts of the grand Mughal horde's during the Deccan expeditions as early as the seventeenth century. In documented evidence the stronghold is revealed to be stronghold with whatever limited fortifications left in 1862.

The Laling Fort is situated south of Dhule city in Maharashtra and falls on the ancient Surat-Burhanpur trade route. It is in utter dilapidation and almost lies in ruins due to negligence and lack of maintenance attention. It has borne the brunt of many climatic atrocities apart from bearing the impact of military attacks through generations of time and utter carelessness in its caretaking has resulted in the beautiful fortification succumbing to the test of time. It houses theremnants of some rock cut cisterns that were functional at some point of time along with ruins of weaponry that were used for its protection and surveillance. Apart from its historic significance the Laling fort also provides the right platform for the best views of the city and human settlement below it. The escape getaway tract is standing to the south of the citadel where an entrance leads to dam, which is semi-circular in shape, with a shade called Chatrilocated proximally.


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