Laxman Sidh Mandir, Uttarakhand

Laxman Sidh Mandir is a popular religious site in the state of Uttarakhand in India. This ancient temple has great religious as well as mythological significance. The place is also known for its picturesque landscape in the surrounding.

It is considered to be a major Sidh Peeth in Uttarakhand. The temple lays just 13 kms from Dehradun at a quiet and peaceful place which is surrounded by dense forest. It is believed that this place is one among 84 Sidh Peeth of Sage Detratreye. According to Hindu epic Ramayana, Ram’s brother Laxman sought penance at this place for killing Ravana who was a Brahmin by birth. Thus it got the name as Laxman Sidh Mandir. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A Shiva Linga is worshipped at the temple every day.

There is a sacred well just 400 m from the temple. It is said that in ancient days, milk use to come out from the well in place of water. There is an eternal flame burning from the early days and is considered to be holy. According to popular belief, if a devotee makes a wish whole heartedly, his or her wishes are fulfilled with the blessing of the deity. Jaggery is distributed as one of the main ‘prasad’ in the temple. One have to trek for 1 km to reach the temple as there is no motor access in front of the Laxman Sidh temple.


Laxman Sidh Mandir open at 08:00 AM to to 09:00 PM

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