Lingana Pinnacle, Maharashtra

Situated in the state of Maharashtra, Lingana Pinnacle is a summit which has an elevation of 2969 feet might be a place of attraction for the explorers. It’s one of the preeminent places for hiking in western India. This acme is situated on the conduit of the Sahyadris between Raigad and Torna. The place acquired its name from the contour and it has a way to clamber with a jumble of simple routes and intricate routes.

This place has a temperate echelon of challenge for hiking and with a good historical background. The fort of Raigad was retained by the Shivaji Maharaja after he had defeated Chandrarao More. This district of Raigad and the fort both were preserved well under his tenet. Later in the 18th century, the British destroyed this fort and few fractions were remaining as sign of substantiation for this situate.

To reach this destination, one needs to go by bus or by train to reach Mahad city. From this place, the next stop is at Paane, the base of the fort. From Paane the last impede before the hiking is Lingana machi village. The journey then starts which take almost an hour to reach the summit. Another alternate way to reach the last spot before the expedition is approaching through the valley called Borhatyachi Naal.

Rock Climbing, rappelling, trekking and caving are the striking activities to do here. There are other off road activities too including water sports. The trip may be for one or two days and one night of duration and it is now one of the desired designations for the genuine adventure lovers.


Raigad Lingana Pinnacle can be trek during the day time from 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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