Mangalesvara Shiva Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

The ancient Mangalesvara or Mangaleswara Shiva Temple is located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha (a state in India). There are more than 6 temples solely dedicated to Lord Shiva in the city of Bhubaneshwar. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva where idols of Rahu and Ketu are also present. The Mangalesvara Shiva Temple was built in the 14th century according to the Kalinga Architecture style (Kalinga dynasty). The temple also pronounce as Mangaleswara Siva Temple.

According to the Hindu astrology, all the temples are supposed to be built facing east, as the sun rises. Therefore the Mangalesvara Shiva Temple is also built facing east. Although there is no Shivlinga present within the temple, devotees visit the temple to worship Lord Shiva. Various festivals are also celebrated within the vicinity of the temple, like Makra Sankranti, Shivaratri and Jalabhishekam are performed in Mangaleswara temple.

The idols of Rahu and Ketu are also present in the Mangalesvara Shiva temple. Ketu is a lord with a serpent tail whereas Rahu holds a bow or half-moon in his hand. They are known for cleansing a person's soul. Therefore devotees who want to clear their sins or want to start over by getting forgiven for even the smallest mistakes they have made, the ritual of Rahu and Ketu helps in clearing off the sins and purifying the soul.

Earlier there were only a few idols of gods and goddesses present in the temple, as more devotees started visiting the temples more idols of various Hindu gods and goddesses were added into the temple. Now people from various states keep visiting the Mangalesvara Shiva Temple throughout the year.


Bhubaneswar Mangalesvara Siva Temple can be visit during the time from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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