Mithmumbari Beach, Maharashtra

Mithmumbari Beach is a beautiful beach which is mostly unexplored. This pristine beach is located 4 kms away from the coastal town of Devgad in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. The refreshing setting allows one to ponder their thoughts and enjoy every bit of the moment in solitude. The beach remains secluded during most time of the year as very less tourists visit this place. One needs to start early from the town of Devgad to reach Mithmumbari Beach. Walk bare foot on the soft gleaming sand of the exquisite coastline while the cool and gentle sea breeze caresses the skin. Spend the leisurely afternoon lying on the sand or dip your feet in the sparkling blue water of the sea.

The golden orange hue painted by the setting sun across the horizon is enchanting in Mithmumbari Beach. The view of the sunrise at the beach is no less in regard of the beauty of the nature. The surrounding greenery and the hills on one side of the beach along with the crystal clean water of the sea create an amazing feeling in the mind of the onlookers.

Few windmills are visible on top of a small cliff. It is an ideal place for the photographers. It is an amazing spot for clicking wonderful photographs which can remain as a memory of visiting this beauty of nature. Due to less number of visitors the beach remains clean and the surrounding can be seen with its natural glory. Unfortunately, there is no place for accommodation near the beach. One needs to stay at Devgad to reach Mithmumbari Beach. Good number of homestays, hotels and resorts are there at Devgad which offer comfortable stay and delicious local cuisine.

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