Shri Modheshwari Mata Temple, Gujarat

Shree Modheshwari Mata Temple is a temple dedicated to Goddess Modheshwari, a form of Goddess Parvati or Durga. This temple is located in Modhera, Gujarat (a state in India). This temple is very famous amongst the Modh clan of Gujarat as Goddess Modheshwari is considered as the deity of the Modh clan. The Modh clan consists of Patel Modh Patidar Brahmin, Modh Brahmin's, Modh Vaishya, and Modh Kshatriya.

The Goddess Modheshwari form of Goddess Parvati is known for having 18 arms as each arm carries various weapons to protect the clan from danger. From trident to Trishul, dagger, sword, Khadga, kamandala, shankha, gada, pash, danda, damaru and more; various types of weapons can be seen in the hands of Goddess Modheshwari.

According to the Hindu mythology, there was a demon that was creating havoc in the village and the villagers had no choice but to pray to Goddess Parvati for protection. The Goddess Modheshwari form of Goddess Parvati later killed the demon with the fire from her mouth and with the weapons she was carrying in her 18 arms. Due to this legend, the Modh clan believed that Goddess Modheshwari is the clan deity and would protect them from danger; and built the Shree Modheshwari Mata Temple in the honour of the goddess.

The Matangi Modheshwari temple is located beside the famous and ancient temple dedicated to Lord Surya which now is in ruins. The ruins of the temple can be seen from afar and devotees are also seen offering the prayer to Lord Surya, the God of Sun, from afar.


Matangi Modheshwari Mata Temple open at 05:00 AM to 09:00 PM

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Parag Shah
22 November 2023

How can I reach modheswari temple modhera from ahmedabad ??

parul pathak
12 November 2023

This diwali annakut darshan date.?

parul pathak
12 November 2023

This diwali annakut darshan date.?

Sangita mehta
27 January 2023

Is the mandir open in the afternoon?
And prasadi timings???

Vipul Berawala
06 December 2022

I want to know Morning Arti time ?