Nagaon Beach, Maharashtra

The Nagaon Beach is situated 7 kilometers away from Alibaug and Revdanda towns. If one is looking for a beach in the vicinity of Pune or Mumbai, with moderate waters, perfect for sports like Paragliding, surfing, swimming, jet-ski riding, the Nagaon Beach in Alibaug is the perfect destination, located at a distance of only 100 kilometers from both the cities. If one travels by sea, the distance reduces to 60 kilometers and the sight of the Konkan coast on the way is a bonus.

The Nagaon beach, however, like most near it, must be avoided during the monsoon season. The perfect times are the winters and summers especially the months of November to the beginning of March. During this time, it has a cool and pleasant weather, and the scorching summer heat can also be prevented.

The Nagaon beach is flocked by tourists due to its position amidst a number of other famous beaches. There are number of resorts and hotels located close to this beach. The environment of the beach, in spite of the traffic, is soothing, clean and lovely. Spread over an area of 3 kilometers, the beach is flat which makes it quite ideal for all the water activities. It provides a view of the Arabian Sea coastline which is an immense pleasure to the eyes of its visitors. If one is lucky enough to witness the sunset or sunrise at this beach, they indeed receive an unforgettable and beautiful experience. The light breeze that blows almost all the time in this beach, gives one the feeling of disconnection from the hubbub of daily life.

The beach also has shacks, cottages, hotels and other places providing excellent local cuisine that is especially famous for its seafood.

The perfect spot for enjoyment, stay, food and fun, this beach must be on the bucket list of anyone visiting the region.

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