Napne Waterfalls, Maharashtra

Napne Waterfall is located near a small village with the same name in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India. It originates 5kms upstream at Nadhavde. Here, a sudden water spring has sprout at one point. It is referred to ‘umala’ by the locals residing nearby. The river jumps down after a journey of 5 kms forming the beautiful cascading Napne Waterfall. The place is surrounded by lush green forest. Variety of flora – fauna are widely found in this area. Different species of birds can also be spotted at this place. All this makes it a splendid destination to spend some time amidst the nature. A day of excursion is advisable if visiting this place.

The Napne waterfall in the Konkan region is known for its seasonal nature. Most of the waterfall is seen flowing down only during the monsoons. They remain dry or cannot be seen in other time of the year. Unlike these seasonal waterfalls in the same region, Napne Waterfall oozes out from its source throughout the year. It can be best viewed in its full grandeur from September to early February. The Jungle Resort located near the waterfall gives an opportunity to enjoy the beauty, peace and adventure at the same time. One can also stay at Vaibhavvawadi which has better accommodation facilities with many hotels and homestays. Napne Waterfall is just 15 kms from Vaibhavvawadi and can be accessed by road.


Napne Waterfall can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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