Narara Marine National Park, Gujarat

Narara Marine National Park is one of the most exotic natural biospheres in the whole country. The variant and exclusive weather and geological spread of the region makes it a goldmine of true biodiversity. This is truly an exquisite area because this space gives the marine and terrestrial lives ample synergy to create the most clean and primal environment ever.

The Gulf of Kutch is not only an ideal biosphere reserve but also a hidden gem when it comes to tourism. The Narara Marine National Park is one of the top tourist attractions in the whole of Gujarat state. Located just on the outskirts of the Jamnagar city, this national park is an aquatic flora & fauna conservation initiative. The naturally formed Narara Reef in the Gulf is a part of this natural topography and also a tourist magnet.

So what do we get to see and enjoy her at this park? The answer is scenic beauty amidst the aquatic wilderness. The park has three distinct sectors – the salty marshland, the mangrove backwaters and the coastal sea. The rocky, reefy & sandy coast with a sea filled with weeds, algae & sea grasses makes this place a paradise formarine fauna like sea stars, starfishes, octopuses, stingrays, sea anemones, corals, puffer fishes, carbs and many more. You will also find many immigrating and inland birds visiting these water for feeding purpose like the pelicans, the flamingoes etc. The pure tranquility of the zone and the nature hues in the vista marks the Narara Marine National Park as a nature lover’s haven.


Narara Marine National Park open at 05:00 AM onwards

Entry fees

40 INR per person for Indians and 650 INR for Foreigners and Guide charge is 300 INR - During the weekends and holidays entry cost 25% extra.

Guide Fees

300-500 Guide charge (Optional)


200 INR per still Camera charge


2500 INR per video Camera charge

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Mustak Gandhar
04 February 2023
Hi I am guide in narara reef
Marine life
Rashmi Shah
28 October 2023
We 2 persons would like to visit the marine park in early Dec 2023. Can you guide us ?

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Mustak Gandhar
04 February 2023

I am guide in narara contact me 9327015677?

Prabhu Talpada
14 January 2023

We will visit tomorrow. Best time for watch water srusti. ?

Patrick Temple
07 November 2022

How can we obtain permits to visit Narara Island in Marine NP in advance? We will arrive in Jamnagar at 04:00 and we would like to go to the island as soon as possible.?

27 October 2022

Can I visit tomorrow (28th October). Could you send nice time to visit and fees for visitors and guide.?

Bharat Chhasiya
13 January 2022

Can we pan the visit by Tomorrow ?14/01/2022?