Naulakha Temple, Jharkhand

The Nau Lakha Temple in Deoghar district in the Indian state of Jharkhand is a temple constructed in the year 1940 under the patronage and watchful supervision of Rani Charushila Ghosh of the Pathuria Ghat Royal Family. The temple houses a shrine dedicated to Radha Krishna, the shepherd prince who is reverd as the unity of all Godhead in Hindu mythology and his consort Princess Radha.

The construction of the temple incurred an expenditure of a princely sum of nine lakh rupees and hence its name is derived from the same as it was quite an outstanding amount of donation during the time it was built. Modelled and designed using the architecutural prototype of the Ramkrishna Mission in Belur in Calcutta, the Nau Lakha temple is a visual delight equally for pilgrims and devotees as well as architectural and historical enthusiasts. It is said that while grieving the untimely demise of her son and husband, the queen of the royal family of Pathuria Ghat in Calcutta was attempting to come to terms with her loss and trying to find peace when she met a wandering ascetic and mendicant who was able to calm her and under his tutelage she sanctioned the construction of the temple as it stands today.


Nau Lakha Temple open at 07:00 AM to 06:30 PM

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