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Jharkhand is one of the newer states of the Indian Constituency. It was formed at the start of the new millennium. The southern part of Bihar was broken up to form this state that has the major part of the Chhotanagpur plateau. The existence of the Jharkhand state is because of the revolution of equality among all caste and creed. The history aside, the state of Jharkhand is vey abundant in natural resources making it the most influential industrial belt of the country. People from all across the country come to visit this new yet developed sate of India. Ranchi is the capital city of the state of Jharkhand while Dumka is the sub-capital of the same. Jharkhand, despite a relatively new state has made steady headway and progress in multitudinous aspects.

Among the many visiting tourism destinations, the city of Ranchi is most popular for its life and culture. There are other tourist spots in the state of Jharkhand like the hills and rivers of the land. The Trikut hill, the Tagore hill, the Parashnath hill and so on are very famous. The dams on the rivers like Subarnarekha and Sone are also very famous. The Baidyanath Dham Temple in Deoghar is the most pious destination of the state.

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