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In the Indian state of Jharkhand, Giridih is the center of the district of Giridih. Besides being a health destination, Giridih is also an industrial city. Giridih Coal Field is the oldest coalfield in India. A large portion of ancient Giridih was encircled by hills. People of the land are said to have lived in dense forests and along rivers in hilly areas. A tribe of Non-Aryans lived peacefully in the region. Mundas are the King of the then Giridih according to cultural evidence and manuscripts. Foreign invaders and intruders were stopped by taking the step to better administer the region.

At this location, 20 of 24 Tirthankaras achieved nirvana through samadhi or concentrated meditation. The 'height of concentration' is also referred as Sammed Sikhar / Sammet Shikhar. Twenty-four Tirthankaras and ten Ganadhars have left footprints on Tonks in Shikharji.

There is no doubt that the Parasnath Shrine is a must-see shrine for Jain pilgrims, which speaks volumes about its importance. There are a number of temples and a Jain pilgrimage site in Madhuvan. Jain culture and local history are on display at Madhuvan's museum. The city also is rich with devotional sites, including Harihar Dham, Jharkhandi Dham, Langta Baba Samadhi Sthal, Shree Kabir Gyan Mandir, Dukhiya Mahadev Temple and other iconic sites.

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Travel Guide Parasnath Hill
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Parasnath Hill

Parasnath Hills Lying at 4480 m., the Parasnath hills is the highest mountain range in the state of Jharkhand. With temples scattered all around this mountain range, the Parasnath Hills is one of the most revered sites for Jain pilgrims.

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