Paplaj Mata Mandir, Rajasthan

Religious diversity has been one of the reasons behind India having a multi-verse history. The indigenous people had some dogmas, the first civilization had a different faith and each & every single invasions brought in a new stream of religious beliefs to the map of India. The Indian State of Rajasthan was under the reign of the Rajputs for the longest time and it was one of the prime reasons why the state has so many Hindu temples since the Rajputs were Hindus. Paplaj Mata Mandir was built by someone from the Rajput lineage but the exact history behind the temple’s establishment is not known. Many believe that a divine accord has brought Paplaj Mata Mandir to existence.

The temple complex is a located a bit away from the city commotion. Being located in the vicinity of the Lalsot Town in the Dausa District of Rajasthan, the Paplaj Mata Temple gets a steady traffic of devotee form all across the state and from other parts of the country. The principal deity of the temple is Goddess Paplaj Mata also called Aashapura – the one who grants wishes. The deity here is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Vaishno Devi Mata. The pond in the temple cures people from various diseases.

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