Parli Vaijnath Temple, Maharashtra

The town of Parli in Maharashtra is famous for the Shri Vaijnath Temple. It is not a coincidence that this temple is there in Maharashtra as most of the Maha Dwadash Jyotirlingas, to be precise all 5 of them are found in this Indian State. The Shri Vaijnath Temple in Parli is located within the tourism circumference of the Beed City. The natural beauty and the nature abundance of this temple complex make this a health and heal destination for all the visitors. This is however one of the scared worshipping shrines for the devotees belonging to the Saivite sect of Hinduism. But that doesn’t mean that others could not come. The doors of the Parli Vaijnath temple are open for all, always. Behind the formation of the temple, there is a legend.

It is said in the myths that King Ravana of Lanka was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. The lord gave the king his blessing on being satisfied of his devotion. The lord said to Ravana that if he were to take the lord’s idol from the Himalayas and establish it on the Lankan soil, all his wishes will come true. Ravana was doing so. But fearing the tyrannical results of this boon, Sage Narad put a dent in the flight path and Ravana dropped the idol here in Parli. Thus this magnificent stone built temple came into being. It is a divine happenstance that many healing herbs are found in and around the temple. Hence the name Vaidyanatha was bestowed on Shri Vaijnath Temple.


Parli Vaijnath Temple open at 05:00 AM to 03:30 PM and then again 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Ritual Timings

Shadopachar start at 05:00 AM Daily, Shringar Pooja start at 06:00 PM and Somvar Special Pooja at Mondays

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Questions & Answers

Get quick answers from travelers who visit to Parli Vaijnath Temple.

Manikesh Patil
24 August 2023

is this vajinath 12jyoti ling in one??

Moolchand Raghav
16 January 2023

Is the paid que for darshan is available ?

Prakash V V L
08 September 2022

We want to perform Abhishekam in temple.Please help us?

Girish Reddy
20 August 2022

What about dress code?

Anilkumar Sharma
06 November 2021

Om, The Baidyanath Jyotirling at Deoghar Jharkhand also called Ravneshwar Jyotirlung ........and is regarded as one of the Jyotirlinga among twelve.......🙏🙏?