Rajdher Fort, Nashik, Maharashtra

Rajdher fort is a historical fort of the Nashik District in Maharashtra, a state in India. This fort is considered as the most important site for the district and is being preserved by the Government of India. The Rajdher fort is located in the Ajintha Satmal Hill range from where the tourists will be able to view the beauty of the hill range. Even though most of the fort has turned into ruins, the stone carvings and other monuments can be seen at the site. It is a hill fort which was built before the Yadava period and the Yadavas took over the fort from the year 1216 to 1217 (for a year). Later, over the years, the fort was taken over by the Mughals after a long battle.

Post the battle with Ramajipant of Bhadgaon, the fort was handed over by the Mughals and was under the control of Shivaji Maharaj is one of the most famous rulers amongst all the Kings mentioned in the Indian history.

The Rajdher fort is known for having only one gate through which everyone used to enter. During the ruling of the Farsi dynasty, they engraved inscriptions in Farsi language on the main entrance. The inscriptions are still slightly visible on the main gate. There is a water cistern available within the vicinity of the fort which is known for being made out of carving and cuts. This cistern was made for people to drink water from and is still available at the fort.


Nashik Rajdher Fort can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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