Robbers Cave, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

The Robber's Cave is known for its pristine beauty and as a challenge to the adventure hungry. The moment surroundings engulfed by hills on all the sides, This is a picnic spot for people of Dehradun and locally it is known as Guchhu Paani.

It is a natural cave where the river flows inside the cave. The robber's cave or Guchhupani is actually a space between 2 huge rocks which extend for around 200 meters inside and opens into a wide area. The passage is not covered and ones can see the sky through out. A crystal clear stream flows in this passage which is calf deep in some places. The passage narrows down to about 6-7 feet in some places in width. When one is in the opening, there are a few rock formation & ones can go inside, There is a small waterfall at the end of the cave which is a must see.

This is amazing place and should be in MUST VISIT list while visiting Dehradun. A truly nature's wonder, Robber's cave provide nice cool experience while walking below naturally carved stones with naturally cool sweet water falling from top. This place is decent for family, couples, and all age group peoples. Many tourists visit this place to get rid of heat during the summer. During monsoon the water here become muddy and the level of water get also increased. So monsoon is not a good season to visit Robbers Cave in Dehradun.

The Tourist not allowed to carry shoes and bags in the cave so keep your things in the locker or in your car/bike. There are 3-4 food stall serving the maggies, momos, chhole, rajma rice and many more. The sitting tables of these stalls are placed right into the stream.


Robbers Cave open at 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

25 INR per person, After buying the entrance ticket, visitors have to walk about a 100/120 metres to come near the entrance of the "cave".

Best Time to Visit

March to April


Robber's Cave is about 8-10 KM from Dehradun Railway Station and Local bus services are available up to Anarwala Village, from their visitors have to walk for about a kilometer to reach this location.

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