Sheetla Mata Mandir, Gurugram, Haryana

Shri Mata Sheetla Devi Temple is one of the major Hindu pilgrimage site in India, which is located in the Gurugram village and popularly known as a 'Shakti Peetha', this temple is thronged by Hindu devotees during the Hindu month of Chaitra (March and April). The Idol is built very beautiful and has a divine attraction. The residing deity of this temple is Shri Mata Sheetla Devi (means Goddess of calmness), which is made of gold polished metal and placed in a wooden casket on a small marble platform, this image weighs about 4 kg. The campus of the temple is quite big and there are many other temples within the campus like Lord Shani Deva, Lord Bhairava etc.

Mythological Importance

Mata Sheetla Devi was the wife of Guru Dronacharya, who was the teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas as to Indian mythology epic Mahabharata. She devoted herself to look after the sick children, especially those suffering from the smallpox. The people called her Mata (Mother) out of affection and respect. The current structure of Sheetla Devi temple was built by the Hindu Jat king Jawahar Singh of Bharatpur in memory of his victory over the Mughals.

During the navratri festival devotee come in large number and the temple decorated with flowers, lights and tents for 9 to 10 days and having jagran by different singer who devoted himself for Goddess Mata Sheetla Devi.


Sheetla Mata Temple open at 06:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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