Shree Bhurakhiya Hanumanji Mandir, Gujarat

Shree Bhurakhiya Hanuman Mandir in Gujrat is one of the liveliest temples of the village of Lathi in the Amreli district. Shri Damodardasji had established this temple some 400 years ago. The myth for the establishment of the Bhurakhiya Hanumanji temple is very different. In the year 1642 Shri Damodardasji had a dream where Lord Hanuman had come to him and said that he would make an appearance in the full moon night of the month of Chaitra at midnight. He also gave the location that was at a babul tree on a small hillock in the jungle which fell in the distance of the two villages of Sabhad and Lathi. On waking up, the Saint realized the gravity of the dream and at once set off for the place.

He was quite famous for his oratory of Tulskrit Ramayana and hence on reaching the place, the locals gathered around him at once. On hearing about the dream, everyone started to prepare for the great day and people from the nearby villages started coming in too. On the auspicious night, and according to the dream, the Lord was said to have visited in a divine halo and was smeared in sindoor. People were so grateful on this sight that they worshipped that place for days and months with various artis and pujas. It was said to be one of the most wondrous sights as gods rarely would come out to the public eye who didn’t go for meditations in the Himalayas. Hence, at last it was decided to build a temple in that place so that they could pay reverence to Lord Hanuman.


Shree Bhurakhiya Hanumanji Mandir open at 05:30 AM to 09:00 PM - All Days

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Manish Dilipbhai Bhatt
12 May 2021

Now temple is open for prayer?

Namrata Oza Trivedi
31 March 2021

Van open tample at this corona time? ?