Sindhudurg Fort, Maharashtra

Here is an exceptional destination for the history lovers to dive into the phenomenal construction of our great leaders; the Sindhudurg Fort, which is located off the coast of the buzzing Arabian Sea. This ancient fortress is spread across a total land area of about 48 acres. The Sindhudurg fort exactly stamps its location on the Malwan town in Konkan region of Sindhudurg district, in the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the popular tourist spots of Maharashtra tourism and lies about 450 km away from the south of the city of Mumbai. The great leader Chhatrapati Shivaji constructed the Sindhudurg fort, which is believed to be one amongst his 370 forts built with grandeur and glory. The construction began from the year 1664 and lasted until the end of 1667.

The Sindhudurg fort is built to safeguard the dynasty run by the King Shivaji. With its massive walls measuring 12 feet thick and 29 feet high, it served as an ideal obstruction to retain the enemies at bay, extending for a stretch of two miles. The entrance of the fort is built in such a way that no enemies could find out their way into the fort easily. The Sindhudurg fort is the tactile sample of the ingenious and forethought qualities of the substantial leader. It forms not only an interesting historical attraction but also makes the district significant with its natural landscape serving many spectators to visit. To experience the charming and enchanting sight of this massive fort, one should certainly drop round to see this once.

This place is the proud bearer of footprints of the remarkable fighter Chhatrapati Shivaji. The fort also has few queer qualities like an underwater passage extending about 3 km and 12 km beneath the sea, three wells that do not parch any time and a peculiar branched coconut tree.


Sindhudurg Fort open at 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fees

5 INR per Indian tourist and 250 INR per Foreign tourist

Guide Fees

400-600 INR guide charge (Optional)

Ferry Tickets

90 INR per adult and 50 INR per child to reach the sea fort


Visitors can go to the scuba diving near the fort - charge between 500-1000 INR per person

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