Sun Temple Modhera, Gujarat

The Modhera Sun Temple is a temple or religious place of worship for believers and followers of Hinduism dedicated to the Sun God and it stands iconic on the banks of the river Pushpavati much in allignment to the Sun temple in Konark which stands overlooking the Bay of Bengal coastline of Puri. The Sun Temple in Modhera is situated in a village by the same name in the Mehsana district in the state of Gujarat in India.

The construction of the beautiful Sun temple of Modhera was overseen by its supreme patron the King Bhima 1 during whose reign the temple was built from scratch. King Bhima 1 of the Chalukya Dynasty ruled over this region in the early eleventh century BC and it was under his watchful supervision that the temple construction was completed from 1026 to 27 CE. The temple although is believed to have been built much earlier and 1026-27 CE the date unearthed from an inscription in the wall of the temple is believed to be commemorative of the date the temple was rebuilt. This is derived from the fact that the inscription in the temple was placed upside down.

History enlightens us that Sun temple was said to witness pillage and plunders under the invasion of Mohammed Ghazni. When Ghazni had to face retaliation and hence retreated, Bhima 1 ordered reconstruction of the temple after he came back to power after successfully stopping Ghazni's invasion. However presently the temple is in a very delicate and fragile condition and is not actively in operation anymore. The Archaeological Survey of India or ASI have undertaken the responsibility for the temple site and have made efforts towards restoration and preservation of this heritage monument. The Modhera Sun temple is no longer an active place of worship and is now a protected monument of national and global interest.


Sun Temple Modhera open at 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Entry Fees

25 INR per person for (Indian, SAARC and BIMSTEC) nationals, 300 INR per per Foreign nationals and Children below 15 years is free of cost.


Concession on purchasing e-tickets - 20 INR per person for (Indian, SAARC and BIMSTEC) visitors, 250 INR per person Foreign visitors.

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Paresh Shukla
18 February 2023
Beautiful place and architectural design work
Every year when me and family are in India we visit this site

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Gyanesh chandra Agarwal
14 December 2022

What is timing of ligh and sound show??

Kanchan Balchandani
09 September 2022

What is the procedure for school visits?
What documents are required? What are the fees for guides in such cases??

Anamika Awasthi
02 January 2022

At what time we can get the tickets in morning?

Neela Mehta
03 October 2020

kya mandir tomorrow Sunday open hoga??

by Sandeep Kumar
24 October 2020

Yes this mandir open all days in a week .

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