Takhteshwar Temple, Gujarat

The Takhteshwar Temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and was constructed in the year of 1893 by Maharaja Takhatsihnji. The temple is located in Bhavnagar of Gujarat. The entire temple’s structure is supported by 18 pillars. These pillars have special carving while the courtyard also has a statue of Nandi Bull. The entire area of the temple imparts a holistic feeling while giving the devotees a feeling of tranquility and attainment with god.

The Takhteshwar temple offers a fantastic view of the nearby valley, while devotees find themselves at peace with the Holy Spirit. The route to the temple is a small trek, which is loaded with stones. The stones act as milestones for devotees, as the climb is quite steep, and might be difficult for old people.

Devotees make sure to keep the area clean. As the temple is situated on top of a hill, the area surrounding the temple is covered with grass and is quite lofty. The Takhteshwar temple’s structure is quite small, while the courtyard enclosing the temple is quite large. While visiting the temple during evening hours, one can see the whole city in its true form. The view is majestic and has an enthralling feeling to it.

The Takhteshwar temple is well visited during the time of Shivratri. The entire view behind the temple is scenic, as one can see open blue skies. The entire city is situated quite close to the temple’s complex. There are many shops at the foot of the hills. The atmosphere around the temple is quite cool, and the weather is excellent during the winters. The temple premises are quite ample, and tourists often sit in the nearby areas enjoying the ambience.


Takhteshwar Temple open at 05:30 AM to 07:00 PM

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