Tam Dil Lake, Mizoram

Tam Dil is one of the most popular lakes in the street of Mizoram. Tamdil Lake is situated in Saitual, only a few kilometres away from Aizawl. This lake is a reservoir lake of Mizoram surrounded by natural beauty. It was a natural lake and reconstructed by the fisheries department of the government of Mizoram. There are many resorts for tourists visit that are maintained by the tourist department.

The Tam Dil lake is recognized as one of the largest lakes of Mizoram. On the basis of the folk story related to Tam Dil that there was a huge mustard plant planted by a married couple and when the man died his wife remarried. Her new husband removed the mustard plant from its root, and a big hole emerged. Later the big hole got filled with water, and it is now known as Tam Dil Lake.

As the lake offers natural attractions for the state's tourism, the Mizoram government takes special care of the surrounding area. It is a beautiful lake with an eye-catching view of green hills, landscapes, and clear blue water. You can visit this lake all year round, but September to November is suggested to be the best time to visit. But if you want to enjoy peace and calmness, then the off-season visit is better. In order to provide tourist accommodation Mizoram government has made a lodge or one can choose accommodation options available in Aizawl because it is only 7 km away from the Tam Dil lake. Those who like biking or swimming must visit this destination.


Aizawl Tam Dil Lake can be visit during the day time from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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