Aizawl Tourism

The Mizoram hills are surrounded by waterfalls, gardens, hills, temples, etc. People, who visit this place, always return with peace in their hearts. Aizawl is the biggest City in Mizoram and is famous for its highest mountain peak which is Phawngpui. On the peak of the mountain, one can find beautiful orchids as well as rhododendrons.

This place is also known to be the meeting point for tourists as they start their journey to the mountains from here. One of the major attractions in Aizawl is Hnam Chhantu Pawl. The state of Mizoram is famous for its handicrafts. People there work in small cottage industries and are highly skilled. This place has such handcrafted items for sale and the prices are also quite reasonable. Another major place to visit for sure for the tourist is Bara Bazaar. This is known as the shopping hub of the city of Aizawl. You can get all the local items and local food at this spot. Tam Lake is known to be a picnic hub where you can either carry your own picnic basket or can try the fish and prawns available there. Vantawng is the highest waterfall in Mizoram with a height above 700 ft. Tourists can even plan to halt at this place due to the availability of food and lodging.

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Travel Guide Durtlang Hills Aizawl Mizoram
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Durtlang Hills

Aizawl is the doorway to the picturesque state of Mizoram. This North-eastern state (of India) has a scenic environment which meets the ingress of local as well as foreign tourists. It is a bounty of natural beauty and rustic wildlife. But one can never have an intact impression ....

Travel Guide Solomons Temple Aizawl Sikkim
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Solomon's Temple

The Solomon's Temple is one of the most beautiful churches in India and a marvellous architectural structure is located in the Aizawl district of Mizoram.

Travel Guide Tam Dil Lake in Mizoram
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Tam Dil Lake

Tam Dil's word consists of two words Tam and Dil. Tam refers to the mustard plant and Dil refers to the lake. There is a folk tale behind the name of Tam Dil. Hence the literal meaning of Tam Dil is the lake of mustard.

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