Toorji Ka Jhalra, Rajasthan

Being in Jodhpur is one of the most regal experiences you can ever have when visiting the desert state of Rajasthan. The whole city throws towards you a plethora of history, ethnicity and cultural exuberance that will definitely make your travel plans a sure shot trip down the Rajput memory lane. There are a many royal and noble establishments in Jodhpur since it was one of the prime centers of the Rajputana Empire during the second millennium into the Common Era.

One of such fine structures in the Jodhpur is certainly the Toorji Ka Jhalra. It is primarily a step well that was built is more recent times than other standing structures in Jodhpur. Toorji Ka Jhalra was built for the consort of Rajput King Maharaja Abhaysingh. It was a common myth back in the days that building a step well for the queens & consorts bring property to the kingdom. This is the very reason why there are so many step wells in Jodhpur became there were many noblemen in the city too at that time. However, Toorji Ka Jhalra is one of the most beautiful step wells with many platforms and a wonderful Kund or pond in the center. There are many cafes and hotels surrounding Toorji Ka Jhalra. The Gangaur festivities are very regal here.


Toorji Ka Jhalra Stepwell can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM (No closing hours)

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