Unakoti Hill, Tripura

Unakoti Hill is about 178 KM away from Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. Unakoti literally translates to one short of one crore or 10 millions. The rock reliefs & relics of Tripura are the most famous and visited tourism destinations in Tripura. The rock-cut carvings and stone idols of gods and goddesses, date back to 7th–9th century. There are many tales regarding the coming into being of Unakoti Hill and all legends encircle around Lord Shiva. It is a sacred place for the Saivite sect of Hinduism.

There are mainly three tales regarding the establishment of Unakoti hill. The first is, once Lord Shiva was travelling to Kashi with many gods and goddesses and sleepover here on the way. The next morning, none except Lord Shiva woke. Angered by this, Lord Shiva petrified all except himself. Second one is about a mad sculptor, Kallu Kumar. He wanted to go to Kailash and for that Lord Shiva asked him to sculpt 1 crore deities overnight. By dawn, he had carved one short of crore and thus left back on earth. The Last story also concerns Kallu Kumar. By Lord Shiva dream order, Kallu sculpted 1 crore deities, with the last one being himself. Angered by his arrogance Lord Shiva punished him by not rewarding him.

Traveling to Unakoti hill is easy from Agartala, Tripura or Silchar, Assam.


Unakoti Hill can be visiting during 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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