Utorda Beach, Goa

Among the numerous number of beaches of the Goa state in India, the Utorda beach is one of the smallest beaches. The story of this beach is quite forgetful. It was established to back up the crowd of the very famous Majorda beach. The Utorda beach is the northern extent of the Majorda beach. The seclusion of this beach makes it an offbeat place in the tourism tariff. Nowadays since people are going on vacations to relax rather than travelling, this off beat small beach got popular with the status of a natural retreat.

The scenic beauty of the Utorda beach is very unique and mystical. The white pristine sands, the boulevard of palm & coconut trees, the calm blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the greenery of the coastal fields makes the Utorda beach a paradise visit for all the parched souls on this earth. This beautiful beach is blessed with modern amenities and natural pleasantries. The clean & quite sandy beach with umbrella shades and green coconut water is the perfect combination to relish the much needed downtime. The Utorda beach may be small but the shoreline is quite long and rock free.

The establishments in this area are separated from the main beach by a meandering small stream which is a very special scene for the visitors. The undulating sea bead is very smooth and the water here is very quiet. This makes the Utorda beach a swimming beach for both novice and professional swimmers. Apart from these, the vegetation around the beach are quite dense and verdant. What attracts the people here is the very lifestyle of this place. The cozy accommodations and the mouthwatering local delicacies of the Utorda beach are very enchanting. The beach can be easily reached from Goa using any mode of transportation.

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