Veeranam Lake, Tamil Nadu

Veeranam Lake is one of the oldest manmade reservoirs in the whole Indian sub-continent. The lake is located in the Cuddalore region of Tamil Nadu State. In light of the current geopolitical demarcation the Veeranam Lake is only a mile away from the meek township of Kattumannarkoil. The reservoir is on the supply channel of Vadavaru River, primarily. The catchment area of Vadavaru also allows Kollidam to fill its share of water into the Veeranam Lake. The lake has been made into one of the principal reservoirs of fresh water in South India. Hence, it is linked up with various irrigation projects and hydroelectricity power generation drives. The initiation for using the Veeranam Lake for public works purposes was taken in the 1960s but it actually gained the complete operational status only in 2004 after much turmoil. Since then the Veeranam Lake has been a pipeline of life for Tamil Nadu state and its people.

However, the history behind this popular lake is very humane and advanced. Back in the early years of the 900s into the Common Era, the whole southern provinces of Indian sub-continent was under the vibrant and prosperous rule of the Great Chola Kings. To keep up the good work of King Parantaka I and relieve the people of the fresh water scarcity crisis which the empire was facing during that period, King Rajaditya constructed this reservoir and a dam. Rajaditya named the lake after his great father’s alias Veeranarayana. Hence the reservoir is called Veeranam Lake of Veeranarayanapuram. Visitors can enjoy picnicking and boating here with friends & family or you can simply enjoy the scenic beauty and take some photos.

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