Vengurla Beach, Maharashtra

Vengurla Beach is located in a small beach town of Vengurla in the Sindhudurg district of the state of Maharashtra in India. Known to be ‘Goa of Malvan’, this place gives a South Goa vibe for its identical features. The place also has significant geographical, cultural and historical aspects. The dazzling sea beach strikes a contrast with blue water of the sea and the lush green groves. The beach lies at an elevation of 36 feet. Thus the place has a pleasant weather most of the time in a year receiving plenty of rainfall during monsoon. The best time to visit Vengurla Beach is during winter. One can enjoy the warm beach amidst the greenery in the day time and the cool breeze from the sea at night.

The history of the place dates back to 1638 when the Dutch established a trade settlement. The Vengurla Beach was attacked several times by different groups and was burnt down twice. Two iconic temples of Shri Devi Sateri and Shri Rameshwar are special tourist attractions near the Vengurla Beach. There is limited accommodation close to the beach. Handful of guest houses and beach shacks are there for a comfortable stay. The restaurants in the town and near the beach offer plenty of food options with various Konkani dishes. Mouth-watering sea food and delicious Chinese cuisine are provided in these restaurants. Exotic dishes like prawn and squid are also found at these places. One can reach the town of Vengurla by roads. The Vengurla Beach is around 2 kms from the town and can be reached by personal vehicles or rented two-wheelers or four wheelers.

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