Worli Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Worli Fort, located in Worli, Mumbai (capital of Maharashtra, a state in India), is not a known tourist destination site. This fort is rarely visited by the tourists as this village is known for being the most famous fishing village in the city. There is a common misconception that the fort was built by the Portuguese; the Worli Fort was built by the East India Company during British India, in the 17th century.

There was a purpose behind the Britishers building a tall and strong fort at the Worli village as in case of enemy attack and the entrance of pirate ships, the guards at the watchtower would be able to ring the alarm and alert everyone about what is happening. Since the fort was facing the city and the ocean at an equal range the whole city of Mumbai, then known as Bombay; could be covered from the Worli Fort.

Earlier, the city of Mumbai was known for being built from seven different islands and Worli was one of the islands. Since Worli is completely covered with the locals and the fishermen, tourists tend to forget about the fort, even the government of India is not able to preserve the fort due to lack of tourism within the town of Worli. Worli village and the fort are known for providing the most beautiful scenic view present within the city. After the Bandra-Worli Sea Link was built more people are able to visit the Worli village and able to enjoy the beauty of Worli Fort.


Mumbai Worli Fort can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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